boat rental

All the great kayaking & sailing kit that we use for coaching is also available to rent

It’s convenient, great value and the best way to access more toys than you would ever own yourself! Help is at hand to help with rigging and safety cover on standby. It’s a great option if you just want to go and get out on the water for a couple of hours or more.

Rental Prices  (in THB)

Which Boat Charter Fee Pre-Requisite
Sit-on Kayaks 250 per hour None
SUP’s 250 per hour Briefing required
Optimist 300 per hour
700 per 1/2 day
1,200 per day
RYA Stage 3 or
equivalent experience
Topaz Uno
Topaz Race
(Mainsail only)
600 per hour
1,600 half day
2,800 per day
RYA Level 2 or
equivalent experience
( 1 sailors)
Topaz Uno Plus
(Mainsail & jib)
700 per hour
1,800 per 1/2 day
3,200 per day
RYA Level 2 or
equivalent experience
(1 – 3 sailors)
Topaz Race X
(Main & Spinnaker)
800 per hour
2,100 per 1/2 day
3,800 per day
RYA Level 2 or
equivalent experience
(1 – 3 sailors)
Topaz Omega
(Spinnaker extra)
2,000 (2hrs)
2,700 per 1/2 day
4,500 per day
RYA Level 2 or
equivalent experience
(2 – 5 sailors)
Beach Cats
(Topaz & Hobie 16)
2,000 (2hrs)
2,700 half day
4,500 per day
RYA Level 2 Multi-hull
or equivalent experience
Platu 25ft Keelboat
(Spinnaker extra)
4,000 half day
6,000 per day
RYA Level 3 Keelboat
or equivalent experience
(3 – 6 sailors)

Rental Requirements

To ensure your safety we require that certain pre-requisites are met. When you first contact us we will spend time getting to know your experience, current ability and that of those with you (if renting with friends), we will then take the weather conditions into account before agreeing on a set sailing area.

Primarily you will need to demonstrate that you are able to handle the equipment in the prevailing conditions, if there is any doubt then we have a great team that are trained to build confidence and run safe sessions.

Please do not be offended if we need to impose equipment or area restrictions, we do it for your benefit.

To find out more about the available equipment and to discuss the best options just drop us an email or phone call.