keelboat expeditions/explorations


In a keelboat students are given much more freedom to decide their route.  Keelboats offer stability and comfort, meaning greater distances can be covered and tougher conditions dealt with.  With this freedom also comes responsibility, though, with students having to navigate carefully in order to avoid shallows and bring their boat to a safe anchorage every evening.  Keelboat sailing places a large emphasis on teamwork, with students sharing duties onboard and rotating roles to ensure each one has the opportunity to lead.

We currently have two keelboats here at Topper Sail Phuket: a Platu (Beneteau 25) and a Ted Hood 35.  The Platu is a very lively and responsive race boat, making it ideal for training and for trips in more sheltered waters, while the 35ft yacht offers a little more comfort, with onboard toilet and cooking facilities, making it more suited for longer journeys.  As a recognised RYA Keelboat and Navigation Theory school, we offer top-class tuition in both the theory and practical aspects of keelboat sailing.  During the expedition, a 5.8m RIB will accompany the group, enabling us to provide 24-hour safety cover and to intervene in moments if any situations arise.

Which Award levels is it suitable for?

Keelboat Sailing is best suited to the Gold Award.  It enables students to venture further afield, but requires a greater degree of responsibility and more complex navigation theory.

Where can you go?

  • Around Phuket – the keelboat offers greater range than dinghy sailboats, allowing students to explore more distant islands such as Koh Racha, and giving them access to Phuket’s west coast.
  • Phang Nga Bay – starting either in Ao Yon or further up Phuket’s east coast, students can plan a route that takes in the best of what Phang Nga Bay has to offer.
  • Krabi area – explorations combining sailing with a visit to this rock-climbing Mecca are possible: contact us for more details.