outdoor education

The activities we provide all place great emphasis on teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

Sailing is very much a team sport: as students quickly discover, each crew member must play an active part in order for the boat to sail smoothly.  Whether racing around a course or cruising to a distant beach campsite, students are compelled to work together towards a common goal, and soon learn the importance of mutual respect, clear communication and good leadership.

Paddlesport also fosters team spirit, with students learning to stick together and encourage each other over longer-distance trips, and two-person boats requiring patience and coordination.

We also offer a range of shore-based team-building activities to supplement our work afloat, assessing the needs of each group and tailoring programs accordingly.

Not only does outdoor education teach key life skills; it also provides endless opportunities to enhance classroom learning in accordance with the school curriculum.  Science, geography, sociology and even mathematics come to life as students interact with the natural world and the forces that shape it, deepening their understanding through hands-on learning.

We believe outdoor education also fosters certain attitudes that are crucial to a young person’s development.  Independence and self-sufficiency; teamwork and mutual support; perseverance; inquisitiveness; leadership and responsibility; a healthy respect for the natural world; these lie at the heart of what we hope to impart to your students.  As we’re sure you agree, no young person’s education could be considered complete without them