Dave / Adam Cockerill Sailing Solutions UK

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Title Owner Category Modified Date Size
Boat Information Dave Cockerill Info 09/06/2009 2.88 MB Download
Boat Maintenance Dave Cockerill Maintenance 10/01/2006 1,013.91 KB Download
Boat Order Form Dave Cockerill Boat 16/01/2006 Unknown Download
Championship No’s on 4.2 Sail Dave Cockerill Sails 10/01/2006 30.36 KB Download
Deck and Colour Repairs Dave Cockerill Maintenance 16/01/2006 34.53 KB Download
Downhaul and Halyard Dave Cockerill Boat Prep 10/01/2006 119.25 KB Download
Fitting enlarge inserts Dave Cockerill Maintenance 10/01/2006 199.44 KB Download
Foil Preparation Dave Cockerill Boat prep 10/01/2006 39.44 KB Download
How to get and keep a sponsor Dave Cockerill Coaching 22/02/2006 37.80 KB Download
Leaking Hulls Dave Cockerill Maintenance 10/01/2006 39.81 KB Download
Leaky Topper Upper Mast? Dave Cockerill Maintenance 08/11/2005 25.27 KB Download
Looking after new masts and booms Dave Cockerill Maintenance 10/01/2006 37.05 KB Download
New Outhaul Dave Cockerill Boat prep 10/01/2006 20.38 KB Download
New rule changes 2006 Dave Cockerill Rules 10/01/2006 122.51 KB Download
New Sail Advertising Dave Cockerill Sails 10/01/2006 40.43 KB Download
New Sail Championship Nos Dave Cockerill Sails 10/01/2006 29.28 KB Download
Old Sail Championship Nos Dave Cockerill Sails 10/01/2006 27.46 KB Download
Sailing Solutions Race Series Dave Cockerill Racing 23/02/2006 213.50 KB Download
Settings for new 5.3 Sail Dave Cockerill Sails 10/01/2006 41.26 KB Download
Silly Games Dave Cockerill Coaching 23/02/2006 141.82 KB Download
Spares list Dave Cockerill Boat prep 10/01/2006 37.29 KB Download
Strong Wind Sailing Dave Cockerill Coaching 23/02/2006 95.73 KB Download
Tips for buying a Topper Dave Cockerill Coaching 16/01/2006 40.70 KB Download
Topper Mast Cup Replacement Dave Cockerill Maintenance 10/01/2006 48.68 KB Download
Topper Speed Dave Cockerill Coaching 23/02/2006 55.70 KB Download
Topper Transom Plate Dave Cockerill Maintenance 10/01/2006 187.07 KB Download
Tweaking the Topper Dave Cockerill Boat prep 10/01/2006 39.75 KB Download
Upper mast seals Dave Cockerill Maintenance 23/02/2006 192.76 KB Download
Worlds Race Kit Dave Cockerill Boat 16/01/2006 93.47 KB Download
Youth and Junior Racing Dave Cockerill Coaching 23/02/2006 131.42 KB Download